1. R.u.N. Thessaloniki 2013 & Japanese Anime Marathon Day

RUN Thessaloniki 2013 - Japanese Anime Marathon Day was the first event organized by Mangatellers in cooperation with the organization Thessaloniki European Youth capital 2014 and the Japanese Embassy in Greece. RUN Thessaloniki I offered the opportunity to enjoy J-Pop Culture, anime, manga and parkour. The event took place at Aristotelous square on September 21st, 2013, lasts from morning until late in the evening and was attended by approximately 3000 people.

2. R.u.N. Thessaloniki II - 2014

The celebration of Japanese Pop Culture, Art & Tradition arrived with Mangatellers to Thessaloniki: European Youth Capital 2014 for the second time. RUN THESSALONIKI II was held under the city’s emblem, the White Tower on Saturday 20th September 2014 The whole city celebrated and got to know Anime, Manga, Cosplay, J-Music and Parkour.

3. R.u.N. Thessaloniki III - Japanese Festival 2015

The celebration of Japanese Pop Culture, Art and Tradition was organized for the third time at Thessaloniki by Mangatellers. RUN Thessaloniki III – Japan Fest took place under White Tower and once again there were a lot of shows and attractions for visitors to attend. The attractions included manga from Mangatellers, Cosplay activities and photoshoots, martial art training and expeditions, origami and bonsai workshops, live cooking of Japanese dishes, maid take away café, anime & manga merchandise, Manga Quiz and J-Music. There were some special events too like an Anime Battle Parkour show, anime breakdance battle, vocaloid dance show and a live concert by DragonBand Z with songs from anime openings, endings and anime theme songs.

4. R.u.N. Thessaloniki IV - AnimeCon 2016

Mangatellers promised that in 2016 will transform RUN Thessaloniki event to an AnimeCon and they did it! On 1st and 2nd October 2016 under the roof of Ioannis Velidis conference center organized the event RUN Thessaloniki IV – AnimeCon. It was a weekend full with manga, anime, international and Greek manga artists, anime Shows, manga exhibitions, interactive attractions, a live concert by DragonBand Z and martial art workshops!

1. ForceCon - Star Wars Fan Convention 2016

ForceCon is a Star Wars Fan Convention organized by Mangatellers in order to celebrate the Star Wars Fandom Galore! All the members of the Mangatelers team are huge fans of Star Wars and they organized the convention in order to celebrate the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy. After Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, Mangatellers called all the Star Wars Fans of Thessaloniki to escape their routine and daily lives and enter the Galaxy that George Lucas created. People in ForceCon – Star Wars Fan Convention had the chance to know about Star Wars Fan Films, Star Wars Fan Art, Custom Star Wars Props, Star Wars Comics & Books, Talk Shows, Toys and Star Wars Cosplay! Mangatellers held a surprise show of Light Side VS Dark Side at the end of the convention, which all the visitors participated.

2. ForceCon II - Star Wars Fan Convention 2017

Due to the huge success of ForceCon I, Mangatellers organized the event for a second time on 9th December, a little before the international release of Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. This time the event took place under the roof of the Ioannis Vellidis Conference center and for two days the Star Wars Fans celebrated their love and passion for Star Wars with Mangatellers. There were a lot of Star Wars shows for the people who attended. Lightsaber battle shows, shooting blaster training, virtual lightsaber games and a lot of Star Wars videogames. Once again there was a lot of Star Wars merchandise and the biggest attraction was a real life replica of Rey’s speeder from Episode VII and an AT-ST replica from Rogue One.