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RuN Thessaloniki I


RUN Thessaloniki I - Japanese Anime Marathon Day was the first event organized by Mangatellers in cooperation with the organization Thessaloniki European Youth capital 2014 and the Japanese Embassy in Greece. RUN Thessaloniki I offered the opportunity to enjoy J-Pop Culture, anime, manga and parkour. The event took place at Aristotelous square on September 21st, 2013, lasts from morning until late in the evening and was attended by approximately 3000 people.

Thessaloniki Through Time


At the event RUN Thessaloniki I-Japanese Anime Marathon Day Mangatellers announced for the first time the creation of the freepress manga oneshot Thessaloniki Through Time, a manga narrating the history of Thessaloniki, the place of birth of the two creators from ancient times till modern times. Protagonists of the the manga oneshot are the characters Jean, Keigo Kishi from the manga series R.u.N as well as Ark and Aias from the manga series Mythos.

Town Hall Panel


In the evening of September 2013, as a part of the R.u.N Thessaloniki I-Japanese Anime Marathon Day, Mangatellers gave a speech at the Town-Hall of Thessaloniki regarding the art of manga and the market that is open to them as well as the publicity the city of Thessaloniki will receive through the manga oneshot Thessaloniki Through Time. The Mangatellers’ speech was prefaced first by the cultural attaché of the Japanese Embassy Ms Emi Mashiko followed by the speech of the Mayor of Thessaloniki Mr Boutaris, who not only attended the event but also did cosplay by impersonating the character of Sanji of the well- known series One Piece in order to honor the cultural attaché of the Japanese Embassy.

Parkour Show


In the R.u.N Thessaloniki I- Japanese Anime Marathon Day for the first time a Parkour Show is presented based on an Anime Battle choreography in which the traceurs are dressed cosplay. The choreography was based on the well-known series Naruto. Right after the show a Parkour Workshop was held for both the young and old fans of the sport who were present at the event.



The openness of the R.u.N Thessaloniki I- Japanese Anime Marathon Day event gave many talented cosplayers the chance to impersonate their favorite characters at Aristotelous square, be taken pictures with passers-by, have fun listening an dancing to their favorite music.

Anime Films


On September 22nd, the second day of the R.u.N Thessaloniki I- Japanese Anime Marathon event, six anime films were shown at selected cinemas of Thessaloniki. The films that were shown were the following: Chibi Maruko-Chan, Galaxy Express, The Prince of the Sun: Hol’s Greatest Adventure, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Frantz Kafka’s A Country Doctor, Captain Harlock in Arcadia. A significant number of people came to watch the films. The fans of anime films had the chance to see their favorite anime films on the big screen.